You don’t actually need them if you understand what they’re designed to do for you.

Happy New Year everyone! It’s around this time of year where everybody is making new year’s resolutions, hoping to make 2022 their best year yet.

Between 2018 and 2020, many of my goals would involve revamping myself with new habits designed to make me more productive and happy.

Habits such…

Does waking up early really improve your chances of succeeding?

Nearly a year ago, I wrote a story about how you don’t need to wake up at 5:00 AM to be productive.

I was on my “gap half-year” during that time, and my everyday life consisted of going to work at my part-time job in the evenings for 3–4 hours…

To become successful on Medium, write great headlines, publish in big publications, and get your content curated… or so I thought.

I started on Medium originally aiming to self-publish something every day as part of a challenge to take my financial life to the next level.

So I wrote, and I wrote with hardly any success. Each post garnered less than ten views. That was fine, though. …

How I generate tax-free dividends every month.

With all the stimulus checks and a boatload of extra free time that many people got, I noticed investing in the stock market became almost like a “trendy” activity that everyone wanted to try.

Investing as a general topic is something I have always been interested in.

My first exposure…

I’m on the verge of being unable to live without these things.

First-world problems. They tend to involve people complaining that one person took an hour longer than expected to respond to them or how they missed their game time because the parents pulled them out to do some work.

There will always be people who look at these first-world problems and…

Kevin Shan

Project Manager for Concierge Auctions and real estate agent in Calgary, Alberta writing about my life, work, and everything else that comes up.

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