Something is addicting about adding certificates to your LinkedIn profile.

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I have a lot of course subscriptions.

I have a Coursera Plus membership, a MindValley All Access Pass, a Masterclass subscription, and more.

I have also bought many courses on Udemy and other external platforms.

But out of every course and platform I used, LinkedIn Learning might just be my favorite.

Certificates Motivate Me To Watch The Course

After a little time self-reflecting, I noticed that I tend to take courses with certificates that I can upload to my LinkedIn profile.

It doesn’t even matter whether or not other people recognize these certificates. I just like seeing the number of certificates in my LinkedIn profile rise.


100s of blog posts published, and I still suck.

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After an entire month of moving away from my old house, I’m finally back writing and publishing posts on Medium.

During the final days of the move, I wondered if anybody noticed that I was gone from Medium for a long time. As someone who has been writing on Medium for more than two years, I saw many writers come and go on the platform.

At the same time, it also seemed like every other day someone was talking about succeeding on Medium and how they achieved their income milestones.

With so many people talking about how they managed to…

Blog posts are long-term assets.

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It’s been nearly two months since I wrote anything on Medium. Between all the real estate work and furniture moving I was doing, I had barely any energy or time to write articles.

As mentioned in one of my recent articles, I had also wanted to focus on blogs outside of Medium anyway as I earned more on my other websites than I did on Medium despite doing nothing on the external blogs.

Thus, the little blogs I had been writing recently were mostly on WordPress blogs I had created a while ago.

One of the blogs I have been…

I accidentally found out through a series of fortunate events.

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Things have been going great for me recently. I’ve been doing a little more of everything and not feeling the slightest bit tired.

I published a 3,000-word blog post the day before yesterday and another 2,000-word blog post yesterday. I got half of the channel art for all my gaming social media channels done within a day and have been grinding through all the courses I stashed away over time.

That’s not the end of it either. I’m only a few steps away from becoming a fully-licensed real estate agent. …

Readjusting to how I want to live.

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Things are about to change. It’s time for me to redefine my focus and move towards my goals. One of the changes is an adjustment here on Medium.

Ever since I watched a course about making money on Medium, I have been focused on writing content that makes money.

I would write in different voices and experiment with various topics to figure out what makes me money. I did make a few cents and dollars, but was it really worth my time?

Where My Effort Is Best Spent

February has been an absolutely crazy month for me. March will be even more fantastic.

I am just…

The leftover stuff you wished you said.

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My parents and I always get into arguments. We always have these different perspectives on various topics, and it’s difficult for either party to accept each other’s views.

Just today, I was arguing with my mom about stocks and my choice to invest in dividend stocks. She said I was wasting my time and money. I should be investing in growth tech stocks like a typical young person.

When you argue with one person enough, you get sick of it. Over time, I learned to say what my parents want to hear. …

Energy, healing, and creativity. If you want to perform better, you need to sleep better

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What can we do to win more and do more? How can we get the most done in the shortest amount of time?

These are questions I have been asking myself ever since I started my first online blog. I was always thinking about what I can do to be more productive, tinkering with various activities and things that would allow me the slightest edge over my competitors.

In 2021, my main goal is to take myself to the next level in everything I do. That includes my health, productivity, and athleticism.

Ever since watching Matthew Walker’s Masterclass on the…

I already know what they’re going to say.

“Kevin, talk to me,” my mom was talking to me, “What do you want to do?”

I averted my gaze and mumbled, “Nothing,” as I walked upstairs into my room. My mom was probing me about my plans, goals, and my future. I didn’t want to say anything, though. I already knew what my parents are going to tell me.

Just a day ago, I lost a ton of ranked games in an online computer game. I was mad at myself for not being good enough.

During dinner, I was thinking about why I wasn’t good enough. Every time I…

I’m not particularly impressed.

I got a new iPhone 12 a couple of weeks ago during Boxing Week 2020. My parents decided to switch our phone plan to Shaw so we could save money, and in doing so, upgraded two of our phones.

My mom switched from her Huawei Mate 20 Pro to a new iPhone 12 Pro Max while I switched from a Samsung Galaxy S8 to an iPhone 12.

After using the iPhone for a couple of weeks, I can’t say I’m particularly impressed. The phone is good enough, but I don’t see the “massive upgrade” so many Apple fans talk about.

Yay! Less Bloatware!

Not motivated enough? This is what you should do instead.

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Many people, including me, struggle with a lack of motivation. We often have lofty goals and aspirations, but never seem to reach them due to a lack of motivation and willpower.

But motivation, willpower, and discipline are all terms to describe energy. By increasing the amount and the quality of your energy, you will be more motivated to get things done.

When I started to view motivation as energy, my perspective on getting myself to do what I should be doing changed. You can’t possibly stay fully energized forever. …

Kevin Shan

I am an entrepreneur trying to change my world and perhaps yours too. I like writing about life, business, and everything else I think of.

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