To become successful on Medium, write great headlines, publish in big publications, and get your content curated… or so I thought.

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I started on Medium originally aiming to self-publish something every day as part of a challenge to take my financial life to the next level.

So I wrote, and I wrote with hardly any success. Each post garnered less than ten views. That was fine, though. …

How I generate tax-free dividends every month.

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With all the stimulus checks and a boatload of extra free time that many people got, I noticed investing in the stock market became almost like a “trendy” activity that everyone wanted to try.

Investing as a general topic is something I have always been interested in.

My first exposure…

I’m on the verge of being unable to live without these things.

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First-world problems. They tend to involve people complaining that one person took an hour longer than expected to respond to them or how they missed their game time because the parents pulled them out to do some work.

There will always be people who look at these first-world problems and…

Humble career advice for recent graduates just coming out of school.

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It seems like there are two schools of thought regarding careers that most people my age follow these days.

The first school of thought is to graduate school and work at a big company or institution. I know so many people who want to work at companies such as Google…

Our finite resources and commitments.

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I want to be the guy that follows through with everything he says he’s going to do. And for most of my life, I am that guy. When I say I’m going to do something, I do my best to get it done.

While I wish I could do exactly…

And all her friends as well.

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It’s become clear to me that I started a new life, and there’s no going back. There is no going back to what once was.

In the last month, I had tried talking to certain people who were once my friends and see if I could rebuild any relationships.


There are a million different things that are worse.

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I’ve seen both sides of the COVID worry spectrum. Some people are so worried that they haven’t been to a restaurant in two years now. Other people think the worry about the virus is dumb and ignore the rules.

There are many different arguments for both sides.

Catching COVID-19 can…

Just one post can get you so far.

July had been more lackluster for me compared to June. In June, I had my best month ever in terms of viewership.

My post on Apple got me over 10k views, and it helped generate buzz around my other posts as well, with a couple reaching a hundred views.


When the status quo is “good enough,” there is no need to change.

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Why now? Why am I suddenly earning so much money?

Within the last three months, I’ve earned more money than I made in my entire previous year, and when I pull off this next auction in Calgary successfully, I will pull in five times what I earned last year.


My trip to Toronto: a fun disaster.

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To say that my first assignment at my job selling luxury real estate at auction wasn’t a disaster would be a lie.

As my trip wraps up and I’m about to go back to Calgary for a different auction, it’s good to reflect a little on what has happened.


Kevin Shan

Project Manager for Concierge Auctions and real estate agent in Calgary, Alberta writing about my life, work, and everything else that comes up.

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