How To Create YouTube Videos Without Filming Yourself

Kevin Shan
15 min readFeb 12, 2020
Photo by Rachit Tank on Unsplash

…and some of my “cheeky” strategies for avoiding copyright.

After a long six days (three more than I expected) working on my new YouTube video, I finally uploaded a new video today.

It’s my third video on my Get Good At Badminton YouTube channel, and despite what I said about only making videos on myself, I produced a video that was basically a compilation of other videos put together.

I was using the videos other people made to make my own videos and grow my channel.

Sounds like plagiarism doesn’t it?

But stick with me.

I will never blatantly copy or take someone else’s video as a whole and reupload it.

But I will and did, however, take bits and pieces of multiple videos, put them together like a scrapbook, and add my own little twist on it.

There are many people that do this and have success with it.

Almost all niches have a group of people that make montages, highlights, and compilations by cutting and pasting various clips from various videos.

Here are my two examples of montage/highlight/compilation videos.

At their core, I took a bunch of different highlights from pro badminton players, mashed them together, and put music in the background.

These videos do produce results.

People often like watching these highlights for many different reasons.

  1. They lack the attention span to watch the full videos.
  2. They want to quickly grasp an idea of what happened.
  3. Short interesting clips with music in…
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