It’s Easier To Get The Life You Want When You Have Great Relationships

Kevin Shan
7 min readDec 31, 2019
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Plenty of unseen opportunities will arise when you become likable.

Part of becoming successful will be dependent on your likability and ability to build great relationships. After all, people only want to work with you, work for you, or buy from you only if they enjoy doing so.

I really wanted to talk about this idea of having great relationships after watching a clip on Tik Tok.

The clip was set on a train. A woman was walking down the aisle of the train and saw a man sitting in her seat, 9C.

She goes up to the man and asked him politely, “Mister, you are sitting in my seat. Could you please move?”

The man responds by pulling out his ticket and flashing his ticket at her face yelling, “9C is my seat. Look at my ticket. You’re blind if you still think this is your seat.”

The man crossed his arms and gave a long tsk as the woman read the ticket. The woman sighed and stood beside the seated man as the train left.

After 30 minutes of awkwardly standing next to seat 9C, the woman suddenly leans over and puts the ticket in front of the man’s face.

“Mister, you’re absolutely correct. 9C is undoubtedly your seat. But this ticket says that your train is supposed to be going to Beijing. This train is going to Shanghai.”

The man’s eyes widened. He had taken the wrong train and there was no turning back now that it has been going at high speeds for over 30 minutes.

The moral of this story is that in all situations where you converse with other people, you should approach others with respect and open-mindedness as they might know something you don’t.

In relation to building great relationships and being likable, people always have different connections and experiences. If you approach others with respect and an open mind, they are more likely to share things that will help you out in whatever you’re doing no matter who you think they are.

The stuff above mainly relates to building connections and business partners. I kind of accidentally talked about that and now I feel sentimental and don’t want to delete the whole section.



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