New Marketing Ideas From China

Kevin Shan
6 min readDec 29, 2019
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How I could potentially expand my reach to millions of new users.

When I went to China, one thing that hit me hard was my inability to access Google and all my social media sites.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube; all the social sites I use to generate traffic to my Get Good At Badminton website were completely banned. Plus I couldn’t write on Medium.

“No matter,” I thought, “I have a VPN that works.”

It was only a few days into my trip to China when China suddenly upped the power of its firewall and my VPN was rendered useless.

After a frustrating period of tinkering with my VPN and finding new ones, I finally gave up and laid in bed staring at the ceiling.

The next few days were busy. I got myself set up with a new phone to use in China as well as my badminton training.

Badminton training was Monday to Friday with two two-hour sessions every day from Monday to Wednesday, and one two-hour session for Thursday and Friday.

Then on the weekends, my grandparents had planned for me to go sightseeing at various museums, parks, and other Changsha tourist destination places.

I didn’t have enough energy to write any blog posts, so I ended up spending whatever spare time I had on Chinese social media sites.

China basically has its own equivalent to everything that they blocked.

Baidu is China’s Google and Youku is China’s YouTube. The social media that people use often include TikTok, Weibo, and QQ.

I spent most of my time immersing myself in TikTok clips and short badminton clips on Weibo.

I scrolling through TikTok and I came across various clips that specifically promoted a product.

One clip that I saw super often was an ad for a pile of academic work booklets designed to make your child an academic legend.

I saw these ads and thought about Get Good At Badminton.

I was aware that badminton is significantly more popular in eastern countries like China and I wondered, “What if I expand my reach to millions of people in China?”



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