Procrastination Strikes Again

Kevin Shan
5 min readJan 29, 2020
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After what was a fantastic first few weeks of 2020, my productivity has gone back down and now I’m procrastinating again.

This is why I see a lot of successful people don’t recommend making New Year’s resolutions.

When you make a New Year’s resolution, you’re committed to it for the first few days or weeks, and then you lose all your motivation after.

Admittedly, that’s me.

I have hardly been able to accomplish anything I wanted to do.

Instead of finishing school stuff, completing the WA project, starting my Get Good At Badminton website redesign, and starting a personal portfolio, I’ve only been able to finish most of my school stuff.

I still have to apply for the DevDegree program, but everything else related to school is completed. In fact, I have already been accepted into the University of Calgary.

I’ve been holding off Get Good At Badminton’s redesign because of financial reasons. Read my post, “Cutting Expenses And Saving Money” to learn more.

I keep procrastinating the e-books on the WA project and I haven’t touched anything related to a personal portfolio this month.

And today, I procrastinated on creating my Vert Shock video.

Instead of doing what I was telling myself to do, I spent all my time on Netflix or YouTube. I should really delete those apps.

The mysterious thing, however, is that I stopped procrastinating blog posts. So far, I’ve been pretty successful at consistently producing Medium blog posts and slowly but surely, blog posts for my own websites will go up as well.

As we know from all my stories, self-reflection is critical to self-development.

I need to get into what causes me to procrastinate and then figure out a solution.

If I go back to every life scenario that I had procrastinated, there was always this one common feeling with each scenario.

I procrastinated a lot in school and it’s because I would get stuck.

I wouldn’t know or understand exactly what I needed to do straight away, so I always let the assignment rest until the last minute.



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