Using What I Have To Their Full Potential

Kevin Shan
6 min readFeb 3, 2020
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I talked a lot about this during all my posts on being resourceful, but I want to add on some more especially regarding cutting expenses.

Today’s post ties in with having a mind of abundance.

Recently, I’ve been instilling the belief into myself saying that I am more than enough and that I have everything I need to succeed.

It’s very true.

I have much more than what I really need to succeed in all areas of my life.

Sport, business, academics, etc.

Let’s talk about my online businesses and making money online.

For the longest time, I was looking for ways to make money online. I did surveys, I downloaded apps, and I looked into things like binary options and stuff.

I usually gave up on whatever I was trying to do when I was younger.

In middle school, I really wanted a new computer so I could play games smoothly.

I made a deal with my parents. I will draft 5 AutoCAD drawings for my dad and they will buy me new computer parts.

During my persuasion, I also started talking about how I could easily pay off the computer.

Once I got a powerful computer, I could spend time doing 3D modeling or making videos and make a lot of cash off of freelancing and YouTube.

At the time, my laptop was too old to handle these programs and couldn’t run at good speeds. I told them, “That’s why a new computer was a good investment.”

Here I am today focusing on blogging; something that I could have done on my old laptop.

A few months later after I got my new computer, I was at BestBuy and I did the same thing again.

I saw these gaming keyboards and mice as well as a Wacom Tablet and asked my parents to buy it for me.

I told them that with these new tools, I could easily make a lot of money and do a lot more.

I could start becoming a digital artist as well as review all these products to get an affiliate commission.

At that time, the only knowledge about blogging I had was that I saw that it was a method to make money online on…



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